2018 In review

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2018 In review

Post by Leach54 on 2018-12-31, 02:40

Let's see. My life has been a bit wild this year. I live in LA now.

I got involved in a relationship that had lots of drama and emotional peril attached and it was fun for a while. She has a girlfriend that she lives with and loves. But we date sometimes anyway. They have an open relationship - kind-of. It was fun for a while but now emotions and stuff are getting in the way of that and it's more troubling.

I got laid-off from my job, but it's ok. I was able to take about a 4 week vacation and then start a new job at a startup with the rest of my laid-off coworkers. It's been a lot of fun and it's going really well.

I got glasses, so I can see better now. And I'm allergic to dogs as of 2018.

How is everyone else doing?


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Re: 2018 In review

Post by Galaxy-Scarface on 2019-01-05, 13:24

2018 was a good year for me, overall. I spent a week at an observatory using a ~90" telescope to observe a black hole binary. That was an amazing experience! I'd like to go to grad school for astronomy/planetary science but the programs I'd like to attend are super competitive and I doubt I'll get in.. but I tried anyway, so we'll see. Lol.

I think I learned more about myself in 2018 than in any other year. Like, I've never been in what I would call a serious relationship, and now I think it's because the girls I've tried to date weren't really my type. In 2018, I met someone who actually was what I would consider to be my type. We were just friends (she might not have even been into men), but the interactions I had with her were more enjoyable than anything else to date. I don't have contact with her anymore (not because of anything I did), and I wouldn't date her anyway for various reasons... But now, I know what I'm looking for. Lol.

2018 had its ups and its downs, but I'm happy where I am and I'm looking forward to the future. Smile

Also: I've worn glasses since I was 5, and I've always been allergic to dogs too... Razz
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