Looking For Texturers/Photoshoppers

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Looking For Texturers/Photoshoppers

Post by Darkwing on 2011-07-02, 18:04

Hey everyone! With RL being busy and whatnot, Red Squad's kind of gotten pushed to the wayside, so to help get it moving faster, we're looking for one or more people to help with texturing the CG models!

Basically, you'll be mainly creating stuff that looks somewhat like this:

Now there are a few prerequisites. Naturally you need to be able to use Adobe Photoshop some and you will obviously need some time as though it may look a bit simple, it is time consuming.

If you're interested, simply copy the following form and PM it to me!


Photoshop Skill Level: (1-10, 1 being very primitive, 10 being exceptionally good)
How much time do you have per week to work?:
E-mail Address:

You will be notified via PM or e-mail whether or not you have been accepted. Should you be accepted, there will be a few more things such as joining the RS forum and getting dropbox, but you will be instructed once it becomes applicable!

We thank you for your help and support in getting Episode 4 of Red Squad off of the ground!

Chris Cameron
Star Trek: Red Squad



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