Episode 4 Casting Call

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Episode 4 Casting Call

Post by Darkwing on 2011-06-23, 11:49

You should have all received an e-mail last night basically saying what I'm gonna say here, but in case somebody hasn't, here's the lowdown.

It's casting time once again for Red Squad! If you are someone who has previously done voice work for Red Squad, please contact Destral or myself, one to find out if you are recurring your role and 2) to find out to what capacity, acquire the script etc

If you haven't done voice work for us before, but are interested, please contact either Destral or myself and be prepared to send us a voice sample. There are only a few new roles that need filling, however the more people that apply, the better the selection will be Smile

Also, if you are one of the above and you also have a video camera or video recording capabilities, even if they're poor quality, please let us know as well Smile

Specifically, we definitely need 3 female voices (no video capabilities required) among other things Smile



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