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New Downloads Section

Post by Darkwing on 2011-06-01, 11:33

Hey everyone, finally got around to this. As was mentioned a little while ago, we do have ourselves the ability to have a downloads section thanks to Leach! Now how this is gonna work is we have 15GB of space to use however, we won't just be uploading stuff willy nilly. The downloads section is for things we want to consider "official" downloads. So naturally the Flash Trek games will be there as will downloadable versions of Red Squad.
Members are allowed to suggest things to be uploaded to the server to be part of the downloads, however it will go through a screening process by the forum staff. Should we determine its not something we think shouldn't go up, it won't.
With that said, if anybody has unaltered copies of the FT games, please PM me or let staff know somehow.
Thanks Wink



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