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Best Free Games For Linux

Post by Darkjedi on 2011-04-11, 04:53

Well, for the past couple of years, I've casually/seriously played a good amount of free games that run natively in Linux. Some bad, some pretty good. Here's my list of favorites:

1. Urban Terror

Urban Terror is my favorite, free FPS of all time. The balance between realism and fun is almost perfect! And the gameplay, EXTREMELY addictive! No, it can't compete with a paid game for graphics and overall quality. Still, it's worth the download. I've spent so many late nights playing this, I almost feel ashamed.

2. Megaglest

Megaglest is a fantasy style RTS that features 3D gameplay, nice graphics, and good gameplay. I say "good", mostly because it's not that "good" yet. I think the developers need to change up the faction balance, because it feels a bit too easy or too hard when using certain factions. Nonetheless, play it! The name might ring a bell from it's predecessor, Glest, which is no longer being developed. Megaglest, on the other hand, is under heavy development. I think they're about to make another really big release soon. cheers (beta is out, but it's not that stable)

The online play is much better than going against the AI. AI games are fun, but not quite like ones against humans.

3. WarZone 2100

Another RTS, but it strays from traditional gameplay. Instead of building pre-designed units, you collect and research technologies throughout the game, and build your own custom units. It's actually really cool!

The campaign starts off easy, but man, once you get to level 6. Wow, it really takes a good headscratch and a break.

I just started playing this game today, and I'm hooked. (Messed with it before, but I didn't have the hardware at the time to run it. Now I do.)

Don't get turned off by the first level, it gets better and better. And unlike AOE's age style upgrades, your technological advancement carries through the game. SOOoo nummy!!! bounce

I love it! Play it! And tell me if you get stuck on level 6. LOL

Hint: Radar Towers and Machine Gun Towers are the key. Oh, and let your mortar tanks feed off of a nearby radar tower when you're bombarding that wicked enemy base.

Full guide:

Note: This one might take the #2 spot if it keeps playing as good as it has been so far.

4. Open Arena

I actually used to play this one quite a bit. But the gameplay was just more addictive than fun.

Well, in my opinion. Still, it was a great heap of fun. But there's just too many FPS games like this one. Too many Quake-like games. :yawn: But hey, if you're into that, be my guest.

I ditched this for Urban Terror long ago...

But, I must note that the fast pace does help your halo skills.

And that all I came up with. Any other games you've played on Linux? Yeah, I know, the selection is kinda crappy. Still, it's nice to ride on the penguin and shoot a few heads before bed.


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