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Mk II Gaming News

Post by Thingy on 2010-08-02, 15:17

All gaming and hardware related news go here. If you want to be a contributor, make a reply in the ''Roll Call'' thread.

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Robbers taken down by nerd herd

Post by Thingy on 2010-08-02, 15:30

Two teenage robbers learned not to fuck with a nerds Nintendo DS in a failed robbery of an internet gaming centre in Hawaii. The two robbers went into the centre thinking it would be a soft target, considering that there were only 9 people inside, and all were nerds. They punched the clerc upon entering to show that they mean business, and then asked the customers for all their money. Most surrendered their belongings without a fight, then things went badass.

One of the robbers asked a customer for his DS, but ''he wasn't having that''. He punched back, and soon the robbers had an entire nerd herd bullrushing their asses. The robbers friends were waiting outside, trying to get them out so they could make their escape and finally they managed to drag both of their friends out of the massive blob of nerds that was consuming them, but it was too late. The police had been alerted and arrived at the scene arresting all involved. All suspects have been released pending further investigation, but the evidence against them is pretty much rock solid. Just like the shower rapists that await them in prison.

The moral of the story? Don't.Fuck.With.A.Nerd's.DS. Or you will die.