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Post by Darkwing on 2010-07-09, 15:31

So part of the goal with this new board is for it stay more organized. For that reason, the main threads have been stickied and I would encourage you to use them more than create a new topic for things that probably won't get many responses. Now say you wanted to discuss ME or something, it's probably best to start a new thread as that is almost guaranteed a half decent discussion at least. But yeah, just try to avoid creating new topics and cluttering the place up if it's something that probably could've been done in one post in one of the stickied posts.

The old media chat section is still open so that any discussion that were going can continue and for some weird reason you feel like using that one still instead of this one, go ahead.

Remember that the forum is now 16+ so mature-ish content is allowed (no 18+ material though). You are also not required to indicate if a thread is mature or not by putting [M] because the forum is now 16+



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